Client Testimonials

What people are saying about our synthetic turf glue

"This is our 20th year in the synthetic grass business and during this time I've seen just about every seaming method and adhesive on the market. From sewing to hot melts; to Nordot adhesives; and self adhesive tapes. But I've never experienced anything like STA-1000, the two-part synthetic turf adhesive from Sports Turf Direct. I am convinced it's the best seaming adhesive and method on the planet. With their glue box seaming method, I was amazed that we could do an entire 160' seam in less than 3 minutes. But the most impressive aspect is the seam quality. The 'squeeze through' provides a moisture barrier and increased protection from the turf pealing up. Simply's quick, it's easy and the strongest seams I've ever seen."
     –Steve Walker, President, ProGreen International Inc.

"We at LA Turf, Inc. would like to thank you for providing us with STA-1000. This synthetic grass adhesive exceeded our expectations in its function and cost. STA-1000 is by far more cost effective and far superior as a turf glue than any other products on the market that we've used in the past. We can't thank you enough for your constant guidance and support throughout our installation at Mira Costa H.S. in Manhattan Beach, CA. In every aspect of our relationship during this project Sports Turf Direct 'went above and beyond' what any other supplier has done for us in the past. Thank you again! We look forward to using STA-1000 turf glue and working with Sports Turf Direct in the future!"
     –Peter Marine, President, LA Turf, Inc.

"We are very pleased with our experience with STA-1000 Synthetic Turf Adhesive. We had always used a popular one-part adhesive because we thought it was the only glue on the market for synthetic turf. We started looking for an alternative because of cost, difficulty with clean up, and set up time – not to mention time consumed in just getting the metal cans open. STA-1000 tool clean up is much easier because the adhesive dries in a more elastic state instead of rigid. Our crew has become much more efficient with the STA-1000 sports turf glue. The can opens easily with a rip cord and mixing the two parts is actually done in less time than it takes to get the other metal cans open to stir. The seam bond achieved also seems to be greater. Another advantage to STA-1000 is it comes in a turf green color. It makes accidental spills entirely unnoticeable. The greatest advantage, however, is excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff always at the ready on the other end of the phone to help with questions – not only about the adhesive, but most technical questions you may have about synthetic turf. When our first order arrived on our job site Justin Fowler had flew in to Nevada from Pennsylvania to help us better understand the best techniques for seaming synthetic turf using STA-1000. Thanks again, Justin!"
     –Russel Richards, Geneva Sports Surfaces